A WellBoring Story

How did WellBoring begin? I got the idea of taking executives to work in resource Kenyan schools where we challenged them to make a difference. Two senior engineers came on the Leadership Journey and said they could sort the school’s water problem. The head of the school said a borehole would provide the solution.

How would that work, I asked? With enough rain falling from the sky, much of it seeping into the ground, there would be likely to be plenty of water underground in aquifers, layers of permeable rock which contain groundwater. We could get a small hole drilled deep into the ground, fit a tube and a pump, and the school would have water.

We went back to the UK and decided to form a charity. I asked my son what it should be called and he said “WellBoring”! We gave our time and asked friends to contribute cash.  After surveying the ground we started drilling, and several hundred children had clean water.

Eight years on we have got safe water to 75 schools and expect to reach 100 schools in 2020. You can join in at www.WellBoring.org





8 SEPT 19 – WellBoring partners with Colgate to build 30 new wells

We are delighted to confirm the formation of a partnership with Colgate to provide 30 school wells in Kenya.

Colgate is a world-class company that supports oral hygiene via its wonderful Bright Smiles Bright Futures program. We are privileged to be helping them to make an even bigger difference.

It’s the second major partnership WellBoring has formed. We are currently working with a consortium of Rotary Clubs led by Chippenham and Rotary International to deliver a dozen wells.

We are moving towards the goal of 100 school wells, set four years ago, and with your help hope to get there early next year.

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