Who is Nigel?

Nigel Linacre

nigel linacre

Nigel’s work enables people to open up, connect with others, and make a difference. He works as an inspirational speaker, facilitator and writer.

As a 19 year old he noticed he was in the world but didn’t know why he was here. So began a journey into the big philosophical ideas and some spiritual practice. He’s thought about: What am I here to do? How can I develop myself? And how can I make a difference?

Nigel wanted to experience the world as well as make sense of it. He has created and run firms and charities, written half-a-dozen books, and helped to raise a family. He is co-founder of Extraordinary LeadershipLeadNow and Lead-Direct, co-creator of the Extraordinary Leadership Journey which takes executives to spend a week in rural Kenyan schools, and is a founding trustee of WellBoring which provides water solutions for African communities. As well as working in the UK, USA and Europe, Nigel has worked in India and Nepal, and in Africa, including Kenya and Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

His books include: Advertising for Account HandlersThe Successful Executive;  Recipes for Happiness;  3-Dimensional Leadership;  Why You Are Here-Briefly;  Knock, Knock, Who’s God? He is also the editor of Ground-Breaking. He’s currently completing The Other Way Up, co-editing Leadership Paradoxes, and is writing on LinkedIn and here.

Nigel believes we can all become aware of what we were not aware, connect with ourselves and one another, and help to transform this world from the inside out. We can become what we haven’t yet encountered ourselves as being.

Our future self is waiting to meet us.