Who Do You Experience Yourself Being?


Right now, you are reading these words. And as you are noticing them you may be having an inner conversation about them – what is this, where is it going, am I getting it – and so on.

You can be aware of the world out there and also of the worlds in here, that is to say, within yourself. And this inner world may be as navigable as the outer world, and you can dance between one and the other. Let’s do so now. Take a moment to notice your next breath, that’s it, and now notice your feet on the floor, OK, and the next thought that comes across your landscape of your mind. As you looks at what you are noticing, you could take the view that you are not what you are noticing. You could identify with the identifier rather than the identity.

You see a ball and you know that you are not the ball. It comes, it goes. You see a thought: are you the thought, the initiator of the thought, or just the observer of the process? There may be no need to think in terms of the “right answer”. You can notice the one that fits you now, and allow the possibility that you may see it differently tomorrow.

And this is all part of the unfolding experience of discovering yourself.

Discover the Secret Self with Nigel Linacre in London on 261 Feb – book hereThis is the third of a short series of self-discovery articles

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