Who Are You Becoming?

3c6907aThey say we are on a journey. Well, are you the same person you were when you were ten years old? Take a moment and consider.

Back then, presumably you saw the world differently, you thought and felt different. Even physically you were different. Every cell in your body was a different cell.

So does it feel true that there was a “you” then and there is another “you” now? And if that is true, how many “yous” have there been? In this track, we now have what we might call the problem of “multiple you’s”.

You may have a sense that you have worked to become the person you are now: you have shifted, you have grown, and that growing process is likely to continue.

We may hope to see the world differently in another five or ten year; perhaps in five or ten minutes. We will know things we don’t know now and over time our habits are likely to change. Will there then be another you, and if there is another you, will there be yet another you in another decade. How many of “you” would there ultimately be?

Or do you incline to the view that there is what we could call a “continuing self”, that amid all this change, there is a “you” that you have always been, are now and will continue to be, unchanging, ever present. If so, who is that?

And anyway, how do you intend to become?

See you.

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