10 Questions To Help You Become A Coach

“Why do you want to become a coach?”  Take a moment and let your answer surface. It’s not in any way meant as a doubtful question, just a way to start exploring motivation. Or you could answer this, “What will be different for you when you are a coach?” In helping you find your answer rather than giving you mine, I’m taking a coaching-style approach.

“Who would you like to coach?”  Is there a particular kind of person for whom you could be a great coach? Older or younger, male or female, junior or senior, at the start of their careers or well into it, having reached a career milestone or returning to work? And what about their character: powerful, flexible, focused, cultured; try picturing your ideal client.

“What kind of a coach do you want to be?”  You’ve probably heard of Executive Coaches and perhaps Leadership Coaches but have you come across Team Coaches, who work with teams as a whole? Coaches enable transformation, but the positioning in the market and the expected methodology will vary.

“What’s your signature?”  Let’s suppose that there is something you have deeply understood, you may have had some big challenges in your life already, and this may provide you with some great insights about life. Rather than teach them directly, you may be able to coach people who are now undergoing similar struggles.

“What’s your training?”  Clients can present massive issues. “I’ve never told anyone this …” is a common refrain. You are their big chance to move forward. If you’re not prepared to go where they may need to go you may not serve them well. Get as much training as you can. Read well on coaching, life, stress, you name it. Coach yourself.

0dcd97d“What other preparation can you do?”  If you haven’t been coached, get a coach fast. If you can’t afford an experienced coach, get a friend to coach you. Review your life, seriously: what have you learnt about yourself, people and life? Start a journal: what’s happening outside and how are you experiencing that inside?

“What is it going to be like for your clients?”  Ask yourself what can clients expect from the experience of being coached by you. Each client and session will be unique, and you will not know the specific outcomes, but what would you expect would always be the case: will you bring connection, focus, resilience, determination, even love?

“What’s your market?”  Addressing the questions above may help you clarify your market and even start to work on your offer. You may want to hook up with a coaching firm, team up with some colleagues in a similar position, or start out on your own. If you do the latter you will need some combination of great connections and sales skills.

“Do you really, really want to be a coach?”  It’s a tough market, with much over-supply. If you don’t really want to do it, if you don’t have good connections, and if you don’t get pretty good at this fast, it will be hard to make a good living. But if you are sufficiently resilient, if you really want to get there, you may become the coach you want to be.

“What are your next steps?” Make a list of the actions you can take to move forward. Don’t worry about whether they are the “right” ones. At this stage, it may be important to find lots of potential ways forward. Next, choose one and take an action. Found one? Congratulations, you are moving forward.

I will respond to questions you add in the comment section below, and you can hear me talking about coaching below

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