Letter From An Englishman: We Love You Scotland, We Do

It may have taken us a few hundred years to say it, but we love you Scotland. You’re terrific, spirited, different, funny, uproarious, interesting and we love you for it. As an Englishman who lived for a decade in Glasgow and Edinburgh I’d like to reach out.

We appreciate we don’t always give you as much attention as we might. We’re sorry that we have often taken you for granted, and we apologize that we sometimes seem to talk down to you. We don’t mean to do so. Truly, we’re delighted you are here. We know that we can seem, well, dull. We don’t often show our feelings. Sorry that’s the way we are.


You put the Great into Great Britain, you know that? When Scotland and England joined together “Britain” became called “Greater Britain”, since then shortened to Great Britain.

Your philosophers, inventors, economists and more have played a huge part in the life of this United Kingdom and the broader world. They still do. Our businesses know no border between us. You have supplied plenty of political leaders too, including two of the last three Prime Ministers. We’re immeasurably grateful for your part in this four-way partnership. We have tried to play a part in it too. We hope for more.

We have been through a lot together, including a couple of World Wars. We have stuck it out through thick and thin. We have shared this island, together with Wales, for a long time. And now here we are.

We’re sorry you are having this referendum. It feels like something’s gone wrong and we missed it. We don’t feel a part of this decision, whatever it may be. We’d rather have talked it through together. Let us know what you want from us and what you don’t want from us. We’d like to listen and want you to feel heard. We’re hoping for more.

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