Why Won’t Life Work Out As We’d Like?

Let’s start with a simple question: how would you like life to work out? A brilliant job, plenty of cash, great relationships, making a difference, to love and be loved. What are you imagining now, and what have you been imagining?

At some point you imagined your current job. When you saw an advertisement or got a call, when someone put the role in front of you, and probably before. You imagined being in each of the relationships you have been in: you met someone and… You imagined where you now live, and so on. In fact every man-made thing around you was first imagined: the room, the carpet, the device on which you are viewing this article. And as I survey our beautiful garden gently sloping down towards the river, I’m imagining this complete article too.



The world’s greatest scientist, Albert Einstein, went further, saying “Your imagination is your preview of life’s forthcoming attractions”. Consider his thought for a moment. Imagine something it and it starts to come towards you. This view is being well described in “the Law of Attraction” and its derivative “the Secret”. Fairly recently, I noticed that we were working in London, Paris and New York and then I remembered making a note of that 20 years ago. Some things take time. I have imagined each of the books I’ve written, and I’m imagining more. Of course they take work, but they can’t come into existence without imagination.

Simple as the truth may be, we’re a little more complex. We rarely imagine clear outcomes. Instead, many of us imagine contradictory outcomes. Not knowing which will happen, we imagine being successful and we imagine ourselves failing, and then these two thoughts play out, each undermining the other. To adapt Henry Ford,“The person who believes life will work out and the person who believes life will not work out are both right”.

As you read the first paragraph of this article maybe a thought arose. Let one come now. As well as the outcome you’d like, can you sense some resistance? “I’d like to have a great job but it probably won’t happen”, “It’d be great to have lots of cash but I’m not that lucky”, “I’d love to be in a great relationship but I don’t deserve it”? Notice how any such thought feels. When I have said I’d like this but I can’t have it”,I’ve made it very difficult for myself. Challenging your resistance – why do I think “it probably won’t happen” and so on – can be very effective.

Invest some time in imagining some outcomes you really want and return to them regularly. Practice! Without practice nothing. And I’d recommend Shakti Gawain’s classic on Creative Visualisation. You may be surprised how amazingly this life works out. I’m imagining this.

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